Reviews for The Last Taxi


Here are the reviews for The Last Taxi:



“Neither fish nor fowl, rock nor prog, jazz nor neoclassical (though that last might come closest), this might best be called ‘lunatic environmental mad ambience’ or somesuch, virulently compelling and then some, Battstone and his piano wander through celestial heavens one moment, then plunge into Looking Glass arbors and byways. Poole gives over to percussion clatter and emphases on the one hand and crystalline luminescent vibraphone tonalities on the other. Todd Brunel is a Gauginesque/Dalinian madman on the bass clarinet, and Chris Rathbun peals out the most wondrous lines, bowed and plucked, both matching Poole and Battstone every step of the way. In the most democratic of anarchies, everyone gets writing credit, as is deserved, but should a center pole be needed for reference, it’d be Poole and his piano. ”  FAME review, Mark S. Tucker

“The spontaneity of each improvisation keeps the outing fresh and filled with surprise around every corner”… reviewer Jeff Becker, at Jazz Sensibilities


“Step into the magic this rare quartet creates. Patrick Battstone and Richard Poole have some of the richest memory music played out here in a 100% superb album. Grady Harp” review on AMAZON


“Both jazz musicians display an affinity for the avant-garde, and they’re carving personalized identities as an amalgamation of their personal influences.”… extract from review by Joe Ross at CD Insight


Pat Battstone and Richard Poole (with Todd Brunel and Chris Rathbun) – THE LAST TAXI:  I received a pre-release copy of this excellent jazz effort… the playing is “on time” all the way through all eleven songs, and you’ll find yourself waiting anxiously for the “next movement” through each and every track.  Read the complete review in Improvijazzation Nation issue 146

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