Pat Battstone Sextet – Elements

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Pat Battstone Sextet                                                                                                                                   

Featuring Marialuisa Capurso

Pat Battstone, Marialuisa Capurso, Mariasole De Pascali,

Adolfo LA Volpe, Francesco Massaro, Giacomo Mongelli

The ancients had four elements ( fire, water, wind, and earth ) that, when combined, constituted a fifth – Spirit. In this work, we each came with our own element that, once combined, created Music. This was a collective improvisation, a community creation.  There was no “band leader”, yet we were all leaders as well as followers whenever it was our calling

Listening to the music you will note that there were very few “solos”, and very few tracks where everyone played the entire track.  It was as if the music played us. The music was a conversation between friends in which not everyone spoke at the same time and not everyone was involved with every conversation. There was no prior discussion about what we were going to play or what the ensemble arrangement would be. Everything was spontaneous, including each’s silence.

From the instant that Marialuisa sounded the bell and echoed “Aquatico”, the dream-trance began. It was an effortless session – no heavy lifting, no assertion of ego, and everyone accepting their roles. The Muse called and we responded.

We played three, 20-30 minute sets with breaks between them,  That was a time for jokes and silly-ness in the control room –  a refreshing return to childhood. Then we returned and we began anew. When we were finished, we had three long tracks with 79 minutes of music.. The only editing done was to separate out individual cuts from the larger tracks. This CD has preserved the entirety of the session, minus a small fragment where there was talking at the beginning of the track.

This was a Nexus of our travels. I had just arrived in Italy from the States, Marialuisa had just arrived following a tour of Germany with a Canadian drummer, and Francesco and Mariasole were about to go on vacation away from Italy. We had only one day where we could all be together and the studio was available that day.

As Marialuisa describes :

Elements of different worlds, little ones, wet ones, aquatic planets, ironic realms. How does the wind sound under water ? The 6 musicians did not know each other before, they did not talk, it’s their music connecting their pulsing nets. It’s one trip to a free land, to the undiscovered planet, the new one of Elements.


— Pat.Battstone, NYC, Dec. 2017.

A couple of photos of the players are shown below…