Magical enhanced travel

Pat Battstone featuring Marialuisa Capurso

The Last Taxi : Traveling Light

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Total Length : 56:34

Pat Battstone – Piano, Modulated Fender Rhodes
Marialuisa Capurso – Vocals,bells, aluminium panel, music box, ocarina, electronics.
Todd Brunel – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Chris Rathbun – Bass
Joe Musacchia – Drums

Recorded at Dimension Sound Studios, Jamaica Plain, MA (USA) July 14, 2017. Engineer – Joe Stewart
Edited, mixed and mastered at MAST Studios, Bari, (Italy) June, 2018. Engineer – Massimo Stano
All compositions by Battstone, Capurso, Rathbun, Brunel, Musacchia

Artwork and Photos by Daniela Chionna
Graphics design by Christine Atturio
Executive production by Stefano Giust
Produced by Pat Battstone


The Last Taxi : Travelling Light

In this dispatch, we offer a Light version of The Taxi – new drivers,
smaller vehicles, enhanced capabilities. Able to traverse quickly to unimagined places.
One will experience new colors and forms that come from beyond our normal perception; a magical voyage that takes place only within the Last Taxi.

Taxi! Can you give me a lift?
Certainly. What is your destination?
It’s a long way from here.
We can get you there. May I take your bags, sir.
That won’t be necessary. I have no baggage.
No baggage, but the trip is long.
That’s correct. I’m Traveling Light

Montreal, QC.