Pat Battstone featuring Gianna Montecalvo – The Last Taxi: In Transit


The Last Taxi is a transport vehicle. Its routes are many and its Destinations are unknown . You have but one chance to board, as it’s mission is immediate and urgent. Yet you know that you MUST go in, otherwise you will be walking alone in a desolate place

Once inside the taxi, you are going home, yet you understand that home is an endless journey. What was your world is now seen through the window as a dream that is passing, an obscure and blurred image.

Your travelling compagnions share the experience of the Last Taxi with you, yet each’s preception is different from the other’s. The Taxi is a forum of life stories, sometimes you tell yours at other times you listen, sometimes you discuss the stories with a few travellers, other times they all discuss.

Your ride in the Last Taxi is free, you may come and go as you please. Yet, once you have ridden, your life will be forever seen through a different perspective.

“One’s Destination is never a place, but a new way of looking at things”  – Henry Miller

Feb 2018, Bari, Italy

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I met Gianna Montecalvo during my first trip to Italy. From the very onset, we had a bond of friendship and held a mutual admiration for the other. She arrived at an old barracks that Antonella Chionna and I were about to play, so I asked her to join us . Up to that point, all I knew about her was that she was the beloved vocal professor at the conservatory in Bari.

I was unprepared for what I was about to hear. She vocalized as an instrument, and her sound was filled with stars and glimmering objects. It took me well over 5 minutes before I played a note.

After the set we discussed my next trip – “We should record together”.  A few months later I returned and we recorded, dined, and share stories. We knew there would be more times to share.

In Oct 2017, Gianna arrived in America with Antonella. Anto had been to Boston the previous year and knew her way around the city and also knew a lot of the prominent musicians.  She was the perfect travelling compagnion.

During Gianna’s stay she met with old friends – Cinzia Spata, Maria Sartori, Simona De Rosa, Enrico and Giancarlo di Trizio, and new friends – Chuck Fertal, Ron McClure, Harvey Diamond, Jon Dreyer, Kit Demos, as well as the crew of the Last Taxi. Her performances included The Outpost186, Ryles Jazz Club, Third Life Studio, and the MIT Chapel in Boston plud Kitano and The Drawing Room in NYC.

This CD, The Last Taxi : In Transit, documents her travels in the new land with the Last Taxi.