Pat Battstone featuring Chiara Liuzzi and Giorgia Santoro

Artist/Band Name:
Pat Battstone featuring Chiara Liuzzi and Giorgia Santoro

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Album Title:
The Last Taxi : New Destinations

Song 1:   Twilight Departure               Twilight Departure                                                3:20
Song 2:   Attravesro la Citta               Attravesro la Cittá                                                 5:52
Song 3:   Inside the Dark Castle               Inside the Dark Castle                                          5:35
Song 4:   All the Birds have Flown               All the Birds have Flown                                       4:24
Song 5:   Where Sea-Creatures Slowly Dance               Where Sea-Creatures Slowly Dance                   8:05
Song 6:   Escape Syndrome               Escape Syndrome                                                 1:53
Song 7:   Sunrise over a Painted Desert               Sunrise over a Painted Desert                             4:52
Song 8:   The Markets of Marrakech               The Markets of Marrakech                                  5:43
Song 9:   Rewind               Rewind                                                                    2:04
Song 10: Morning in a Japanese Garden               Morning in a Japanese Garden                          6:31
Song 11:  Absyinthe              Absyinthe                                                               7:53
Song 12:  Looking Glass Woman              Looking Glass Woman                                         4:33
Song 13:   L’Amore Reve             L’Amore Rêvé                                                      3:37


Group Members :

Chiara Liuzzi  – Voice, electronics, and sound objects

Giorgia Santoro – Flute, bass flute, bansuri, xiao, piccolo, voice, effects

Adolfo La Volpe – Guitar, live electronics

Giacomo Mongelli – Drums

Chris Rathbun – Bass

Pat Battstone – Piano


Recorded June 18, 19, 2018 at MAST Studios, Bari, Italy. Massimo Stano recording engineer

Editted and mixed by Craig Welsch at Rear Window Studios, Brookline, MA.

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA

Assistant Mastering Engineer : Maria Rice

Artwork by Daniela Chionna

Graphic design by Christine Atturio

Photographs by Marialuisa Capurso

Produced by Pat Battstone


All compositions by Battstone, Liuzzi, La Volpe, Mongelli, Rathbun, Santoro except L’Amore Rêvé (13) by Mongelli only.


+++++++++++ Liner Notes +++++++++++++++++++


The Last Taxi : New Destinations


The Last Taxi began in 2009 when two drivers would meet at the stop for a smoke. Their intent was to find a mutual voice in which conversations and observations could be expressed. Initially we painted simple and honest pictures until a musical entity appeared. Following that, it became easy to add other voices to the existing core sounds.


The Last Taxi began taking passengers in 2012 during A Conversation. At the onset, the ride was one of urgency and immediacy, with a sense that you but one opportunity to enter. It was a vehicle of escape and of a safe transport.

Later, it evolved into an international experience, In Transit from foreign locations. Constantly evolving – Travelling Light, Making Connections –  the Last Taxi was a bridge that connected new and unforeseen Elements .


The Last Taxi is now en route to New Destinations A sense of surprise and wonder fills us with each new mooring; much of which we have never experienced prior to embarking on these journeys. New sounds, new colors, new textures, new breaths; the Last Taxi has become a living entity.


Our hope is to share the life of the Last Taxi with all those who are curious, observant, and courageous to approach.


We hope you enjoy the ride