Pat Battstone and Richard Poole release exciting new improvisational CD – The Last Taxi (a Conversation), with Chris Rathbun and Todd Brunel is here!


It isn’t often that musical skills as unique and intense are gathered in an event as pleasant, and accessible, as “The Last Taxi” turns out to be. The CD will be “officially released” (street date) on 16 September, 2014, but you can get your advance copy at

In the words of the artist – “This current work is a collection of musical conversations. Our initial works, “Through an Open Door” and “Mystic Nights”, established a language, a musical dialog, between Richard Poole on vibes and myself on piano. In this effort, we have kept our “chamber jazz” voice and expanded it to include Chris Rathbun on bass and Todd Brunel on bass clarinet. Richard now plays drums in addition to vibes. Like most conversations, not everyone speaks at once and not everyone is a part of every conversation.”

…and – “Everyone has their vision of the Last Taxi – the sense of urgency, the sense of immediacy, the sense that you have to catch it or you are stranded in an undesirable place. All the passing faces, the trestles driven under, and the bumps of old trolley tracks are but a blur. You are going home and that’s all that matters. We’ve all been there.”

As the listener allows these conversations to be absorbed into their consciousness, totally exciting new vistas are realized, and “The Last Taxi” becomes a personal experience for each person. “Regular” listeners may not be totally familiar with the sense of excitement this kind of music can generate, but if they devote even a little bit of their attention to what the artists are saying, they will be grateful for the opportunity!

Pat and Richard’s previous musical efforts have received many favorable reviews – a few are shown below:

“Their kaleidoscope of magical sound is best described as an otherworldly soundscape of sensitive splendor, beautiful colors, and delicate textures. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)  Joe Ross   (Originally published on CD Baby

“This unique set of 13 improvised pieces creates an intensely meditative and mystical ambience filled with satisfyingly thought-provoking ideas. Mystic Nights can be enjoyed casually, but requires a careful and intent listening to be fully appreciated. HRAYR ATTARIAN, All About Jazz

“This thirteen track album clocks in at well over an hour and it’s quite a soothing and cerebral spin. Calming serene compositions include “Scottish Heather,” “Newsreel,” “Magical Morning,” and “Mystic Nights.” Ahhh…this one sounds so nice…” Don Seven, LMNOP Magazine

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