Pat Battstone and Kit Demos (From Dream To Dream)




From Dream to Dream

Pat Battstone and Kit Demos


This CD represents my latest musical effort in what has been become known as “conversational improvisations”. This voice began taking form in 2009 and has since continued to evolve. All the initial elements – the “chamber – jazz” sound, the ethereal aspect, the personal, solitary voice – have been preserved and various new sounds have been added. From the beginning, our development efforts hinged on the concept that “improvement is based upon eliminating the worst thing that you do”. That idea has become the process by which the music has progressed – recording, critiquing, discussing, returning to the studio, and consciously avoiding eliminated aspects.

Though Kit Demos and I have been playing in ensembles fall 2012, it wasn’t until spring of 2015 that I thought of forming a duo with him. At that point we started recording, hoping to find and develop our musical voice as a two piece ensemble. After our second recording session, it became obvious that we shared similar compositional concepts, as well as having a mutual understanding of the each other’s dynamics – melodically, harmonically, and rhythmically.

All of these tracks are free and spontaneous, yet they are not totally random. During our initial recording sessions, there were certain improvisational elements, or premises, which echoed our mutual voice. Notions like “Random Intervals up the Piano”, “The Mystic Chord”, “Ruthless Exchange”, and “Don’t Wake the Baby”, are examples of these premises and have become our repertoire.

When the sessions were over we noted that there were two categories of results – those of slow, trance-like odysseys and those of short “wake – up” tunes – tracks that got you out of the trance and prepared you for the next story. The lines separating these were not set in stone, and often the trances and wake-ups are intertwined. This CD has been arranged in the form of a suite, juxtaposing contrasting themes and sound to give this a cohesiveness.

Most of the track titles relate to our experiences during the time spent recording and relaxing in Woodstock, be it a fantasy or an impression of an event or place. Of course, one’s impressions are often different that the other’s. So rather than explain each title’s meaning, we invite the listener into our world of dreams with the hope they can realize a dream of their own meaning.


Pat Battstone

Woodstock NY

Dec 13, 2015

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