Moon Unit CD’s (free download)



The Moon Unit was a legendary Boston band from 1977- 1987.   For your listening pleasure, here are TWO free downloads from that great band:


Moon Unit CD 1

1. Double L Triptych parts 1 and 2    21:40  composed by Tom Oboe Lee

2. Double L Tripthych part 3  11:44  composed by Tom Oboe Lee

3. Proton  12:55  composed by Bruce Gertz

4. Proton end 1:07  composed by Bruce Gertz

Moon Unit CD 2

1. M II  21:08    composed by Brad Hatfield

2. Retroville  12:11   composed by Brad Hatfield

3. Tom’s Tune 11:44  composed by Tom Oboe Lee


Here’s who played in the band:


Grover Mooney Drums

Tom Oboe Lee – flute

Brad Hatfield – keyboards

Bruce Gertz – ele bass

Gary Valente – trombone

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