Giorgia Santoro and Pat Battstone – Dream Notes

“Appunti Onirici – Dream Notes”

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1 L’albero Dell’incantatore L’albero Dell’incantatore

2 The Forest Within, Pt. 1 The Forest Within, Pt. 1

3 The Forest Within, Pt. 2 The Forest Within, Pt. 2

4 Beyond the River Banks Beyond the River Banks

5 Attraverso I Rami Attraverso I Rami

6 The Flowers of Benten The Flowers of Benten

7 Window into the Night, Pt. 1 Window into the Night, Pt. 1

8 Window into the Night, Pt. 2 Window into the Night, Pt. 2

9 Blue/Ocean of Hearts Blue/Ocean of Hearts

10 The Mist of Morning Waters The Mist of Morning Waters

11 Song of Daphne Song of Daphne


“These are travel notes in a forest that inhabits the dream, a revelation, an enchanted journey… the piano, the flute, the sounds of animals.”( DC )

From the moment I saw the works of Daniela Chionna I had a strong affinity for them. They were a visual representation of the music that I was playing. Likewise Daniela, upon hearing the music that I was making, found a familiar and sympathetic resonance.  Her “Immersion” series of paintings were done while absorbed in the Elements and Kaleidoscope recordings.  Thus a collaboration was born.  From our initial meeting we both thought to combine visual and aural artworks. The preset work is the result of the cultivation and maturation of our shared vision.

“When I listen to your music, my inner gaze opens up to new scenarios. It is a journey though unknown territories, yet imbibed with distant memories over time. Everything is a continuum.” ( DC to PB )

When she did this series, ”Dream Notes”, I immediately wanted to play music to these paintings. They were quite different that her previous works, having a Japanese ambience, with a barrenness and voices calling from beyond. They also were set in winter, so I made my travel plans for a winter date.

Giorgia Santoro was my first and only choice for a musical companion for this adventure. Beginning with our first encounter on New Destinations, we played conversational duets, even in the midst of ensemble playing. Our subsequent meetings further solidified that aspect of playing – Question and Response, Change and Adaptation,  Emotional Cohesion, and a deep familiarity of where the other is going – bond of musical and personal friendship.

I was very happy when Giorgia and Daniela bonded as  friends, completing the circle. 

As we say  1+1+1 = 1

This session was a shared experience between the three of us. Though Daniela did not play, her presence  and creative energy was with us;  we could sense it strongly while playing. A simple glance in her direction affirmed it. It was through her paintings that this discourse was made possible.


“Dream Notes”

Giorgia Santoro and Pat Battstone

Improvisations to the artwork,”Appunti Onirici”, of

Daniela Chionna


Giorgia Santoro –  Flute, bass flute, bansuri, xiao, piccolo, voice, mouth harp, effects

Pat Battstone –  Piano


track 1             6:06     L’Albero dell’Incantatore

track 2             5:34     The Forest Within( pt 1)

track 3             2:44     The Forest Within( pt 2)  

track 4             5:28     Beyond the River Banks

track 5             5:20     Attraverso i Rami 

track 6             6:44     The Flowers of Benten

track 7             4:13     Window into the Night ( pt 1 )

track 8             7:29     Window into the Night ( pt 2 )

track 9             5:11     Blue/Ocean of Hearts

track 10           3:17     The Mist of Morning Waters

track 11           4:57     Song of Daphne


Recorded 2 April, 2019 at Waveahead Studios, Monopoli Italy. Mimmo Galizia recording engineer

Edited and mixed by Craig Welsch at Rear Window Studios, Brookline, MA.

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA

Assistant Mastering Engineer : Maria Rice

Artwork by Daniela Chionna

Graphic design by Christine Atturio

Photographs by Fabio Centrone

Produced by Pat Battstone