“Beyond The Horizon” – Patrick Battstone


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“Keep your eye on the prize”

Whenever I sit at the piano, a diary entry is made; and whenever I record a song, that entry is captured in time. By the time the entries become a CD, a chapter in my autobiography has been written. This set of entries occurred during a period of great losses, any one of which could have been devastating. Yet this was also a very creative period in which many boundaries were crossed and previous obstacles were eliminated. The experiences gave me a new and deeper musical vocabulary to draw upon; hey also gave me a priority of what to preserve while what had been my world was suddenly disappearing in front of me.

All these pieces are spontaneous improvisations – nothing was written or thought of prior to sitting at the piano. What is being presented in this work is a selection of diary entries, arranged so that each track is a complement to the one preceding and following it, giving the CD a natural flow. As what often happens, the best pieces are not used as they have no context with the other pieces. A painter once explained that he often creates a portion on his canvas that is exquisite, but because it doesn’t fit with anything around it, it has to be scraped. The same thing happens with music.

One day I will make a CD from out-takes and call it My Masterpieces.

These recordings have their birth with the passing of my mother’s life and are concluded just before an anticipated, major chagrin. This work is therefore both very personal as well as being communicative; one could call it Life Stories, as these pieces reflect the depth of the drama, the sadness, and the revelations of what was happening to and around me at the time. When I finally sent the master for reproduction, it felt like all the events of that period went with it and that chapter in my life was closed.


“I REALLY love Beyond the Horizon– it’s very beautiful. I can feel the depth, sadness and beauty in it – I’m really looking forward to the release of the CD – as I said, I think it’s very beautiful and felt very affected by it.” ~Marilyn Crispell

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