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Moon Unit CD’s (free download)



The Moon Unit was a legendary Boston band from 1977- 1987.   For your listening pleasure, here are TWO free downloads from that great band:


Moon Unit CD 1

1. Double L Triptych parts 1 and 2    21:40  composed by Tom Oboe Lee

2. Double L Tripthych part 3  11:44  composed by Tom Oboe Lee

3. Proton  12:55  composed by Bruce Gertz

4. Proton end 1:07  composed by Bruce Gertz

Moon Unit CD 2

1. M II  21:08    composed by Brad Hatfield

2. Retroville  12:11   composed by Brad Hatfield

3. Tom’s Tune 11:44  composed by Tom Oboe Lee


Here’s who played in the band:


Grover Mooney Drums

Tom Oboe Lee – flute

Brad Hatfield – keyboards

Bruce Gertz – ele bass

Gary Valente – trombone


FREE CD download – Live At The Sungarden


Pat played keyboards with Jimmy McGary’s sax on this fantastic jazz CD, “Live At The Sungarden“.

You can DOWNLOAD this entire CD for free, folks!


FREE CD download – The Sound Museum

sound museumLive At New Dilly’s 1969 – this band reaches right out & GRABS you… and we’re letting you HAVE IT… just CLICK HERE to get a copy of this powerful CD!

Personnel :

David Mathews – Pno, trumptet, arranger
Jimmy McGary  – Tenor Sax
Grover Mooney – Drums
Kenny Poole   – Guitar
John Young    – Bass
Popeye Maupin – vocals, himself





Tunes –

1) Algunas –   29:35   (D.Mathews BMI)
2) Roll the Blues away  5:40   (trad)
3) I want a Little Girl 9:00  (trad)
4) Boogaloo/The Theme 6:36  (trad)


Recorded Live at New Dilly’s Cafe, Mt.Adams, Ohio ca 1969

Produced by Joyce Gabrielle Mooney and Patrick Battstone, 2014
Digital transfer by Nick Brown and Ken Ledbetter @ Black Sneaker Souls in Taylors SC.
Mastered by Nick Zampiello @ New Alliance East Studios
Photography by Dominic Harveston
Graphic design by Christine Atturio