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Patrick Battstone is a versatile pianist with a broad range ability to present various styles of music, ranging from free improvisational to jazz standards and beyond.  Though his focus as an artist is creative improvisation, he certainly is skilled and experienced in any setting where jazz (no matter the style) or groove and R &B is needed to entertain an audience.

His recent performances include the Boston area, throughout New England, New York City, Montreal, and the Tri-State Region.  Patrick has enjoyed great success in meeting and utilizing musicians from various geographical regions, by employing local musicians on any given event, giving back to each community by hiring their musicians for his appearances.  His own discography has enjoyed great success with critics and has charted multiple times on the American Jazz Charts, reaching into the Top 15.




These tracks represent a cross cut of his various chamber improvisations:

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Ashes and Empty Bottles ( from The Last Taxi )

The Gables ( from From Dream to Dream )

Film Noir ( from Beyond the Horizon )

Spaces inside sleep ( from Through an Open Door )


These videos represent some of his jazz standards performances

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Somewhere over the Rainbow

Monk’s Dream ( with Jon Dreyer )

Angel Eyes – (with Jon Dreyer)


For a free download of the following CDs

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From Dream to Dream

Beyond the Horizon

The Last Taxi



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