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Through An Open Door

This is actually the first musical meeting between pianist Pat Battstone and vibe-player/percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Richard Poole; it is a refreshing breath of fresh air in improvising and it takes you on a journey into mind images. You can close your eyes and see with your inner eye a host of visionary adventures.

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Song samples




Mystic Nights

This is chamber jazz; an intimate conversation of improvisational music between two veteran musicians on vibes and piano, The conversation will draw the listener into a realm of surreal sounds and images that they have perhaps never experienced before.

Pat Battstone’s  piano weaves magic spells for you, with creative and energetic vibes being played by Richard Poole.

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If you’d like to listen to samples of the music, you can do that below:



1.  Scottish Heather
2.  Summer Sunset
3.  Gin and Tonic
4.  Something Lurking
5.  Newsreel
6.  Undertow
7.  When Creatures Reigned
8.  The Miller’s Tale
9.  Magical Morning
10. Life Stories
11. Reflections
12. Cross Current
13. Mystic Nights

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Pat Battstone: Mystic Nights