Collaboration with Italian poet and vocalist Antonella Chionna

Italian version

Antonella Chionna meets Pat Battstone began as a conversation, focusing on the process of developing a musical voice. This conversation quickly developed into an international collaboration between Antonella’s musical circle in Italy and Pat and his associates in the US. These discussions focused on their various musical experiences and influences, on listening to each others projects, and by developing plans and aspirations for the near – term future.

La Chionna came to America in May 2016 and was able to record, perform, and meet with some of New England’s finest – Sheila Jordan, Harvey Diamond, the family of Paul Bley, and a host of others. Her final days in the US were spent recording with two of Battstone’s co-collaborators, Richard Poole and Kit Demos, which resulted in a CD, “Rylesonable“, that will be released in Jan 2017 on the Italian label, DodiciLune.

Battstone joined La Chionna in Italy a few months later, and spent the majority of his time playing and recording.  He was able to use his own trio in Sicily, and played numerous concerts with her in the Puglia region, employing the same open concept as their US collaborations. He also joined TSK TSK orchestra and spent two days filming and recording. A DVD of the occasion, “Snake Noir“, is currently being produced . 

Their duet recordings in Italy focused on the poetry of Robert Desnos, a French Surrealist. A CD of these sessions, “The Voice of Robert Desnos“, is currently being prepared for a spring release.

La Chionna and Battstone were overwhelmingly received during their foreign stays, and were urged to return quickly. Both have been in contact with members of the respective circles and numerous plans are being made for projects in 2017. Battstone will be returning to Italy in the spring ; and La Chionna will be returning to the Boston area in the summer. A full schedule of musical events and activities is being anticipated for each.     

Nov 27, 2016, Woodstock, NY


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1) Under a Persian Sky Under A Persian Sky (Rylesonable)

2) Rather Life Rather Life (Rylesonable)

3) If you Only Knew If You Only Knew (The Voice of Robert Desnos)

4) Voice of Robert Desnos Voice of Robert Desnos (La Chionna, Live at Ryles)

5) Nature Boy Nature Boy (The Voice of Robert Desnos)

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  • Lover Man, live at Fondazione Paolo Grassi, Martina Franca, IT

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